Cloud Gaming: Should I Stadia, or should I go now?

Cloud Gaming with Google

November 2019 was big for gaming, as Stadia the revolutionary cloud gaming platform from google was introduced but what seemed like a flawless new platform launch, after all, it is google, was off to a rocky start.

What is Stadia

Google says: Stadia is an all‑new gaming platform that lets you play high‑quality video games across TVs, laptops, desktops, and select tablets and phones – anywhere you have Wi‑Fi.

Simply put it is a cloud gaming platform this means you can play games without the need of a console instead you get a game controller and a chromecast ultra giving the user 2 options of game experience a Pro subscription and a free base option.

Stadia Pro tech specs: 60fps, 4K, HDR support, 5.1 surround sound, free games -Not free as you are paying through the subscription.

Stadia Free tech specs: 60fps, 1080p, stereo sound, and no free games you buy the games you’d like to play and they stay on the platform.

Big bummer alert: Also as far as we could tell there’s no way of moving games you’ve already purchased into the platform, so, if you’ve already purchased a game you’ll have to buy it again.



Does the cloud deliver as intended

With a few issues plaguing the original launch of the platform (missing features, setup issues, etc) Full Transparency: we did not buy Stadia, we borrowed it and played our brains out, but our kind friends had activation and connectivity issues even though the system told them their connection was OK.

After all the issues were sorted once you get to gaming it is pretty decent and the way it connects I guess it’s pretty clever: Controller connects to chromecast for streaming your favorite titles. We couldn’t test the mobile gaming side of things as none of us own a Google Pixel phone. 🙁


Google Stadia Connection Result


But once everything is ready to go, connection was tested and we had what google claims as great connection (128Mbps) still took a while for it to load and once all the starts and moons were aligned and we started playing the experience itself was not bad it was actually pretty decent, besides some lag and latency here and there the graphics were not gaming console quality but still pretty decent and the experience was, again, not console experience but not bad at all for relying solely on the cloud.


Our broadband connection speed test


The controller was pretty comfortable and ergonomic, resembles some of the mobile gaming controllers we carry in our shop (boom, shameful plug drop).

Is it worth getting

Well, if you were the kind of gamer that hit the controls a few hours here and there during your week and didn’t want to spend an obscene amounts of money in a console or PC gaming computer, games, accessories, and a monthly recurring bill for online gaming -let’s face it to be competitive can be pricey, the Stadia may tick all your boxes.

However with Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network already are killing it in this space and they are pretty successful at it, we don’t think Stadia is aimed at the serious gamer out there.

Besides aside from the switching from device to device, all you need is your current mobile phone -any make or model, your favorite game and one of our mobile controllers and you’re ¾ of the way there.

Should you purchase one

I mean it’s freaking Google, and you know this may be the sickest platform in a year or 2 but we don’t believe it is quite there yet unless of course, you don’t mind shelling out $129 to be a beta tester.

We have faith that Google will dominate this space eventually and push others to elevate cloud gaming.

As always, I hope to have given you a bird-eye view of the platform and provided you with the voice and content you seek

We have opted to pass and keep re-spawning on everything but Stadia but want to learn more?

Till next time … game hard and prosper … RP1 out.

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