Universal Acrylic Headphone Stand

  • Compact, simple and fashionable design.
  • Special curve shape makes its stand more stable.
  • Comfortable and sleek.

Note: Earphone holder only, earphone not included! Need a headphone?



This headphone stand is suitable for all kinds of headphones.
Good headphones are expensive so don’t let your expensive headphones get flat spots that can impact the quality of the sound, especially critical in noise-canceling headsets, thus impacting your performance and minimizing your competitive edge.

Sturdy cradle to protect your headset.
Simple design but support your headset, cradle itself is light but sturdy enough to protect the headset from tipping over.

This helps extends the life of your headphones.

Clear up your desk space.
Never put headphones lying around the desk any longer, just hang them up on this stand and makes it a nice add on to your room decor, a more cohesive look.

Acrylic Headset Stand.
It is super easy to bring along with you wherever you go – it’s small, lightweight, and most importantly, it extends the life of your headset.

Curious how noise-canceling technology works and why these types of headphones stand are so important? Check out this article.

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Black, White, Clear


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