Mobile Gaming Controller PUBG

  • Portable and long-lasting design
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable and adjustable
  • Cellphone max size is 5.9 inch
  • Ergonomic



These mobile gaming controller handles come in pairs and can be folded into an oval egg shape for a lightweight and tiny to carry and play games anywhere and anytime similarly the touch-sensitive shooting left-hand movement, right-hand aim, and a left upper shot.

This minimal design allows for playing while you charge with no need to worry about running out of battery, but if you need a phone battery pack or durable modular cable we also got you covered.

Recommended use: 4.5-6.5 inch mobile phone, fingers can gently touch contact sensitivity.

Supported devices:

Most touch screen devices, iPhone users, we suggest they only order 1 pair, not limited to mobile phones and thickness.

Our mobile gaming controller supports the following games and their most important actions, however not limited to the following:


Game handle not included for more


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