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COD Mobile, How to Get Better in Ranked Matches

COD Mobile is one of the most competitive games out there and it comes with different gaming modes that you can play to compete with the best players out there. However, if you compete with the best of the best players then you can play the Ranked Matches. Ranked Matches are very competitive and you will play with some of the finest Call Of Duty Mobile players out there. In this guide, we will share some tips which will help you get better in Ranked Matches in COD Mobile. Sounds Interesting? Let’s get started.

Pick The Right Weapon

The first step in getting better in Ranked Matches is picking the right controller thus enhancing the weapon of choice. COD Mobile comes with a variety of weapons and you can pick the one which you like the most. In our opinion. M4, PDW, and AK117 are the strongest guns available and if you use them you can get good kills. However, you can pick other weapons too and then practice with them until you master them. Stay tuned for a breakdown on all the weapons in COD mobile.

Use The Perks

In Ranked Matches, you play with some of the finest COD Mobile players, and if you want to win you will have to ensure that everything is perfect. COD Mobile allows you to pick the variety of perks that you can use in the battle. In our opinion, you should use the perks such as Alert, Ghost, Hard Wired, Cold-Blooded, and agile to get some extra kills.


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Use The Right Operative Skill

Operative Skill is another very useful skill which can use to get some extra kills. You get it when you specific number of kills and then you can use the Operative Skill. In the operative skill, you get the Transform shield, Sparrow, Tempest, Purifier, War Machine, Scythe, or Gravity Spikes. In our opinion, Scythe and Purifier are the two strongest operative skill and you can use them to get some extra kills.


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Use The Right Graphics Settings

Most of the smartphones these days are more capable of running COD Mobile at decent settings but if you are experiencing the frame loss or lagging issue then we would recommend you lower the graphics settings. Lowering the graphics settings will ensure that you get the smooth gameplay and your gameplay will also improve significantly.

Keep Moving

Ranked Matches are very competitive and if you want to survive then you should keep moving. Most Pro Players prefer to keep moving on the map as it allows them to find the other players as well as it also saves them for being a sitting duck. However, we would recommend you use the good pair of headphones to listen to the sounds and if you hear any sound then you should stop and take the position to kill the other player.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, we can’t stress this enough: familiarity with all aspects of the game is key but so is having the right ergonomic equipment to help you succeed and battle fatigue, we would recommend you to keep playing the ranked matches as you will eventually get better by playing with the finest COD Mobile Players. Just keep practicing and you will one of the best COD Mobile Players. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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